About Us

Our Vehicles

Westland Party Bus has only the best party buses that are available today. We never settle for anything less than the best! Just take a peek at our vehicles page and you'll see that quality reflected in the photos as well as the detailed descriptions of our features. In our experience, customers concern themselves first with the quality of the buses before they think of anything else, so we make sure that our buses are top of the line for you. Nobody wants to get into a dirty vehicle, or one that looks damaged. And chances are, if a company allows that to pass their standards, they aren't insuring their vehicles or drivers properly! Make the best choice for your safety and choose our reputable company.

Our Chauffeurs

Westland Party Bus chauffeurs are known for being the most professional, courteous and knowledgeable party bus drivers in the state. We only hire true professionals in every sense of the word, who have faced all of our many pre-employment tests and passed them with flying colors. The safety of our customers always comes first, and we know that an exceedingly competent chauffeur paired with a well maintained vehicle is the best way to guarantee that. Many companies hire the first driver that they come across without taking the time to train them in extra safety aspects. Here at Westland Party Bus, your safety is always guaranteed.

Our Customers

Everything that we do is with our customers in mind, whether it's adding a bus to our fleet, upgrading our already exciting features, or adding new cities to our service area. We take your requests very seriously, so if there's anything you'd like to see added to our business, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Our customers are the reason we're in this business and we're always happy to take suggestions from you at any time!

Our Reputation

The reputation of Westland Party Bus is stellar, and that's the lasting legacy that we want to leave. Phenomenal party bus service, outstanding chauffeurs, top-of-the-line buses, and overall service that exceeds any other party bus company in the state. You can search, but you aren't going to find a well rounded transportation company like Westland Party Bus! If you'd like more information about our day to day business information or rental agreements, just get in touch with us and we'll send that information over right away. The proof of our quality is in your own experience, so give us a call today and let's plan that trip!

Want to know about our fleet?

We are proud to offer the finest and most reliable party bus and limousine fleet in the state!