We know that you're curious about our rates for service! However, we don't publish rates online - let us explain why: When the market conditions and industry demand changes, so do prices. In addition, days of the week can alter prices as well, for example, Saturdays tend to run at higher rates than Mondays. Because of these market fluctuations, we can't always accurately post rates here. But you can get an accurate price by giving us a call and speaking with one of our amazing knowledgeable booking agents 24/7.

Some competitors allow you to make a reservation through a paid service featured on their website. Right there are two ways we are able to save you money on a rental. First we eliminate that additional cost of your information going through a 3rd party developer to place a booking then be sent back to us with a fee. Secondly, when setting up the prices for these kinds of online booking systems the transportation company needs to make sure they won't find themselves losing money on a run so they have the set every rate at the highest level. Our simpler system allows us to give you a customized quote designed for your rental needs and to make sure your vehicle pick is the best fit for you.

When you call, our agents will ask you for a few simple details to determine pricing. Please have all this info ready when you call to ensure accurate quotes:

  • Date you'd like service
  • City of pick up and drop off
  • Your main destination
  • Times you'd like service
  • Number of passengers

We accept most major credit cards as well as cash, checks, and PayPal for your convenience. Trips outside of our service area may be subject to a surcharge, and we'll go over all of that information when you give us a call to book your Westland limo bus. That's the other great part about actually talking to a customer service specialist, they will walk you through the process, not just force you to click yes on an overly complex user agreement. So, when you're ready, give us a call to discuss your next trip. We'll be glad to let you know about the peak times and dates if you want to avoid those times in order to save a little bit of cash on your personal trip, we always do our best to work with you and prove you the service you desire. We hope you'll choose us for your next wedding, sporting event, concert, birthday celebration, or spontaneous get together!

Available for All Events & Occasions!

No matter the reason for your reservation we provide the best service in the area for the best prices!