Frequently Asked Questions

Can we drink on board?

Drinking is absolutely allowed on our buses if you happen to be over 21! We can't provide the alcohol to you, however, but you can load up the built-in bar(s) with as many drinks of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties as you wish! After all, this is a party bus, and what's a party without a few drinks with your friends? It will certainly make the chrome dancing poles more inviting!

Do you provide alcohol?

Unfortunately, no. Since we do not carry a liquor license we cannot provide alcohol for you. However, as stated above, as long as you and all of your passengers are 21 or older, you are more than welcome to bring alcohol on board and drink!

Can we smoke on board?

We're sorry, but no, you cannot smoke on board our buses. This is partially in an effort to keep our buses looking and smelling totally fresh, and partially out of respect for our allergic, asthmatic, and/or smoke-sensitive customers. If you're looking to take a smoke break, just let our driver know. They'll be glad to pull over and accommodate you.

Can we go on extended trips?

We take many of our customers on extended trips, including multi-day road trips throughout Michigan, Ohio and Indiana! Our minimum Westland limousine service time is six hours, but there is no maximum! You can travel the roads of our service area with no concern for time. You'll just continue to be charged at the hourly rate that we agreed to during booking. If you know you will be going way over the standard time, let us know when booking so we can account for it and make sure any complications involved in longer trips are accounted for ahead of time. This simple and easy pricing policy makes our transportation services the best choice for any event. All aboard!

Can we leave the state of Michigan?

Yes, as we take clients to Ohio and Indiana all the time! Just give our booking agents a call with specific information about your event, and we'll help you with the rest. Please be aware that you might be subject to a fuel surcharge if you're leaving the state of Michigan. You can count on Westland Party Bus to take you wherever you need to go. We're that efficient!

Can we travel with kids?

Kids are welcome on board as long as alcohol is not on board, and vice versa! This is not our policy this is a matter of state regulation on the entire industry. Trips with us can absolutely be for "all ages" and very kid-friendly, and you can stock our bars with juice boxes, bottled water, and all kinds of chilled snacks for the kids. Our customers love to use our party buses for children's parties, and no, that's not a stripper pole...that's a roof stabilization bar! Give us a call to rent your Westland limo!

Is there a minimum rental time?

Yes. We require a minimum rental of 6 hours, but we also offer a 3.5 hour wedding package during the day. This allows us to provide you the outstanding chauffeured wedding service for your special day and still return in enough time to prepare the luxury vehicle for a evening or night time reservation. For more details about our wedding limo deals just give us a call to see if your wedding qualifies for this special service package!

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